About Us


About Us

The Ocean Plastics Leadership Summit aims to mobilize all organizations in the plastic value chain. We found the most effective way to make this happen is to take stakeholders to the heart of the epidemic – the ocean gyres.

From the largest global corporations to their staunchest critics, the NGOs, representatives across the plastic value chain spent four days together on a boat in the North Atlantic Ocean. Seeing the crisis up close and in tight quarters, industry leaders were forced to find solutions and spearhead new initiatives.

Much more than an industry conference, the Ocean Plastics Leadership Summit inspired partnerships, programs and the action necessary to shift our current global course.

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Success Stories

In May of 2019, OPLN gathered 165 public and private sector leaders from organizations including Coca-Cola, Dow, Greenpeace, the American Chemistry Council, the World Bank, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and representatives of some of the world’s 15 million informal waste collectors on a on a boat in the middle of the Atlantic Garbage Patch for four days. Attendees with wildly different visions, perspectives, strategies, and objectives had the opportunity to learn from one another and stretch their imaginations in the heart of the ocean plastic crisis. Boundary-pushing conversations amongst leaders that would have never seen themselves sitting in the same room together built trusting, authentic relationships that ultimately accelerated action.

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