Expressing Your Thoughts About Women Rights

In this article, we’re going to write about the issue of women right’s in society and even better show you how to write a women’s rights essay. We settled for the best and straightforward approach that will ease the writing process and still get you the top ratings in your women’s rights movement essay. Stay with us and find out what you didn’t know.

How to Write a Women’s Rights Essay

You have the women’s rights essay assignment with you, and now it’s time to compos it. What are some of the factors you need to stick to ensure the success of your paper? Keep this in mind;

  1. Choosing a Topic

The subject is women’s rights, but you ought to appreciate that this is a broad front and it would be best if you decide which topic on human rights you’d wish to address. This is the initial step on how to write a women’s rights essay. This section of writing holds a lot of water as it goes way far to determine the focus of your research and the approach to writing.

In most cases, you’ll have already been assigned to the topic. For instance; women’s rights in the French revolution essay. Such an assignment has previously restricted you to the specifics of what you’re to write about, and you have to do the research and come with matching information on the topic. In a free market, we’d recommend you settle for issues that are easy to research on and more so those you have some little information on to save on time.

  1. Do Research

Having tackled the issue of topic selection, here is the succeeding factor which is conducting thorough research to gather information on the topic. The quality and strength of your essay will be determined by the information you collect from your study. Research can be extensive or focused dependent on the writing approach you settle for, be it informative or argumentative. For the educational type of women’s rights essay, you’ll stick to facts that are not debatable and will serve to educate your audience. For the argumentative women’s rights movement essay, you’ll have to touch on both sides of the coin. A discussion is made of arguments, both supportive and opposing. And while at this, bring out your point of view.

In conducting research, be on the lookout for credible sources and keep off non-credible and bias sources. They might distort your essay and deny you of authenticity. Some of the right places to gather information; books in the library, women’s rights movement websites, debates, campaigns, and through observation.

  1. Organize Your Points

The best practical way to help organize your work is to come up with a women’s rights essay outline. This gives you a perfect outlay on how your essay should appear and the content to be filled in every section. This is an open platform, and you ought to be ready for any necessary and winning changes that might arise along the way. While at this, it would be best to highlight the references and key ideas in your text.

  1. Women’s Rights Thesis Statement

This the winning shot you have at your women’s rights essay. This being a trending and sensitive subject in society, you ought to strive for ingenuity and be that intriguing. A good thesis statement on women’s rights should be focused and targeted. Come up with something worthy of posing a tremendous heated discussion. Ideally, it shouldn’t exceed at most forty words.

For a better understanding and to master the whole concept, we’d recommend you go through some of the winning women’s rights essay example thesis statement. This will help you grasp more.

  1. Start Composing the Women’s Rights Essay

You’ve already done your research, came up with an outline, and now it’s time to compose the essay. This is a straightforward process, and just like most other academic essays, stick to the standard structure of introduction, the body than a conclusion. At the presentation, remember to mention your thesis statement for it will form the foundation of your paper.

Here is the structure;

The Essay Introduction

This is the starting section of your women’s rights essay, and here you’re supposed to give a positive hello effect. The good impression you make will woo your readers and get them interested in what your women’s rights movement essay has to offer. You’re not taking chances with this. Most instructors, being that there are lots of papers to mark, place their focus on the introduction section. If the introduction doesn’t thrill them that much, then I can assure you they wouldn’t even go through the other parts of the paper, and we both know what this means for your grades.

The best approach here is to know and understand your audience. Your readers are your target audience, and your target is to get them enjoying the entire women’s rights movement essay. To realize this, you ought to deploy some of the literary tools effective in hooking readers to various writings. Knowing what’s best for your audience can help you coach your women’s rights essay introduction to appeal to their needs and eventually win them over.

Make your paper enjoyable by applying some element of sarcasm; like in the case of satire essay on women’s rights. While at this, keep in mind that this is a formal essay and excess of satire might distort your discussion. By the introduction, you could tell of a personal and funny experience that should intrigue your ideas. Make sure to structure in an appealing way that will interest your audience. Stay objective and sensitive throughout the entire paper.

The Women Right’s Essay Body

After the introduction, which in most times is usually a single paragraph, we move forward to the body paragraphs. This is where transition sentences come in handy to help create a good flow from the introduction into the body of the essay. Here in the essay body section, it will be all about giving ideas and supporting them with information or a convincing discussion. What you write in the essay body is mainly based on the research you conducted.

The body paragraphs are grouped into topic sentences and succeeding supportive information, the information that comes after the topic sentence is to explain the ideas and prove the point further.

The Essay Conclusion

The essay conclusion is the final section of the paper. It’s a brief overview of what has been covered in the entire document. Here the writer is expected to use the ideas and information mentioned in the women’s rights movement essay and relates it with the current society. This helps bring the point home much better. Of note; you’re not to add any new idea or information in this section of the paper. Strive to be as brief and maintain a logical flow of ideas and information throughout the closing paragraph

You can wrap it up with a question or food for thought that should leave your readers with something to ponder on.

  1. Revise Your Work

All professional writers will tell you that whichever text you’re working on, revision is essential before you submit your work. The whole essence is to correct some of the mistakes you might have missed earlier on. The writing process is full of rush and many unnecessary errors that can only be made right through proofreading your work and pointing them out.

Another winning idea is seeking a second opinion from your colleagues, senior students, or friend. An extra eye on your paper with a new perspective can help get you winning results. Making the paper all about might cloud your judgment and more often than not, writers end up being subjective. This can make you miss out on the whole idea behind the women’s rights movement and pose a weak discussion. It’s a truth generally accepted that two heads are better than one, with this in mind are you still up for the one-person guitar. You might as well be that good, but let’s not forget human are prone to err. It’s all about winning.

It’s for this reason that it’s advisable to first work on a draft as it is easy to correct then move on to the final paper. Revision on the selection is much more comfortable. Once you’re satisfied with the draft results, you’re now free to go ahead and work on the submitting paper.

Women’s Rights Essay Examples

Here is some of the women’s rights essay example that you can go through and gain one or two ideas on how to approach your assignment.

Essay 1

The Women’s Rights Movement

The unfinished business of our time is the issue of women’s rights, which is all attributed to gender inequality. This is what prompted the rise of the ongoing campaigns and movements to fight for the rights of the so-called “lesser species” in society. The women’s rights movement, which was a notable crusade for women, began in the early 19th century and has gone on to flourish throughout the four corners of the world. The pioneers of this movement had the goal of ensuring gender equality and equal opportunities of both genders to societal obligations. More like an open platform where the best candidate wins whether male or female.

Dating back in time and since history was recorded; women have been belittled by the society. The male gender has, over time, been praised. In the creation cosmology, we see a woman being made out of a man’s ribs and this has sent heated debates as to whether men are genuinely the superior species. Well, except for the masculinity, women as well play quite a significant role in the society’s development even from their homes and this is to tell you how much they can achieve if given a chance.

Not until the beginning of the 20th century did women raise the voices against the oppression in society. This was the cradle of an open culture with equal opportunities to all genders.

On 13th July 1848, a group of five women met over tea to discuss the female oppression and why is it that the July 4th, 1776, liberation only give freedom to men and not women. Elizabeth Cady, who expresses her utmost concerns with the issue of women oppression, raised her voice. This prompted a revolutionary that greatly affected the course of history. They decided to form the Women’s Rights Movement. This was challenging at first, but they stood firm to this noble cause, and with time, we see that their numbers grew immensely and attracted quite an audience.

Colleges began accepting and giving more vacancies to the women in the society. And women now had an educative role to play. The traditional culture towards women took a different angle with new attitudes towards the role of men and women. Before, books used to use the wording in most instances to refer to the male form, but there was a shift to a better text implying everyone. Ever since we see women playing considerable roles in politics, which was feared as the most superior role in society and only privy to men. We understand the likes of Hillary Clinton running for the USA presidential seat and Theresa May is the UK Prime Minister. Some of these happenings were only dreams, but thanks to the Women’s Rights Movements, they’re easily achievable.

Gender equality is here to stay, and society should join forces in pushing for a better community with equal opportunities for all.

Essay 2

Satire Essay on Women Rights

Here is an example of a satire essay on women’s rights that should guide you on the elements of an outstanding women’s rights satire essay;

The issue of feminism is here to stay, with some even shifting and taking more aggressive approaches, the so-called feminazi. The feminism of today is not that of yesterday. Recently the Women’s Rights Movement has taken a different approach and focus. When it all began, the dream was gender equality with equal opportunities for the lesser species. Two centuries later, we’re looking at a society where women are well educated with some holding the top honors in the academic front. There are employment opportunities for women, just like the foremothers fought.

One would think that achieving all this will make women equal to men. Well, it was all a lie. The men can’t stop at anything but to look out for their relevance and superiority in society. Once power play in favor of men is disrupted, men will always look for ways to stay at the top. The hard work women have strived for days to achieve is being undermined significantly by men. The male gender is now abusing women to sabotage their societal success. Should we say it’s now the women for men’s rights movement? Well, it seems like the struggle was all for nothing as men are not ready to give up their power.

What should women do about this, because measures have to be taken and quick?

The Women’s Rights Movement of today is now campaigning against domestic violence, rape, and sexual harassment of women in the society. This, on the other hand, has prompted the rise and growth of the feminist campaigns with a significant number of women benefiting from the same. A high number of women have joined this noble cause to achieve the set goal of an oppressive-free society for women. The main challenge is their demands have met failed deadlines with some falling on deaf ears. The governance claims to be focusing on more pressing matters and that women are just too extra.

Word in the streets is that the feminist movement is a strategic move by women in society to gain superiority over men. This has gone far to give women a negative label which many don’t take lightly. There’s not a thing that ignites man more like the idea of a woman wanting the power of him. It’s equally sad that society has depicted feminists as women with much hatred over men. This misconceptions and ignorant perceptions about the feminist cause have turned out to be blessing in disguise as more women are now joining the liberating feminist cause. With more significant numbers, their fight will be stronger, and at some point, action has to be taken.

We couldn’t agree more that feminist cause has brought happiness and smiles to the many sad women faces. There’s support for one another and a sense of belonging for the many victims of female oppression in the society. The fight against female violence is here to stay so long as men don’t find the courage and change their sick habits.

Feminism has dramatically impacted the lives of many women, and it would be best if the society views it positively and keep off the negative notions of the fight for superiority over men. And just like men, women empowerment will contribute significantly to the economy and social development of the community. Two heads are better than one, and this is a call for men to give women the respect they deserve.

Essay 3

Women’s Rights in French Revolution Essay

This is women’s rights in the French revolution essay telling us why we ought to respect women;

During the French revolution, women played quite a significant role, but the world seemed to devalue them. Or should we say, history failed to dedicate to women many pages to appreciate their significant contribution? This was the time women played roles in providing for the children in almost every aspect. When it came to famine, they were at the forefront of the civic center to find solutions to the problems.

Prior to the revolution, women were viewed as inferior to men to an extent a female baby was terrible news. As Gancourts says, French considered the female baby as a blessing, which they otherwise accepted as a disappointment.

Taking part in the French revolution was the turning point for many women. It was during this time that women demanded political rights; all they wanted was change and what a better way to achieve this than through the revolution. This was their time, and despite the difficulties, there was light at the end of the tunnel better social status for women. Their contribution was a great deal to the French revolution, but it was mostly viewed as controversial, and so you’d wonder. It’s equally sad that men who played critical roles in the French revolution didn’t believe in women’s rights. This was a time of denial and acceptance for the women who were at the forefront fighting for their equal political rights.

Essay 4

Essay on Women’s Rights in Islam

Below is an example of a short essay on women’s rights in Islam.

The role Muslim women play in society is not an easy definition. On the other hand, the great book Qur’an, seems to highlight the various duties and roles of men and women in the community. Just to shed light on the issue of women’s rights, back then in the 17th century, the great book gave Muslim women the right to own properties and even better full financial independence. This went on to rebuke some of the acts of social injustice against the women gender.

While on the other hand, the western civilization happens to rebuke the Islamic religion for being oppressive, the women in Islam happen to raise their voices to the world on the liberty and dignity accorded to them by their Islamic faith. The status of women has been over time questioned while alluding to the regrettable practices by some of the Islamic sects.

Out here, Muslim women are actively taking part in many activities with some assuming significant leadership positions. The likes of Ilhan Omar have gone ahead to win congressional seats in the USA, and this partly explains to the society, freedom granted to them. Doctrines guide the Islam culture in the Qur’an is for equality for all. We quote, “And for women are rights over men, similar to those of men over women.”

It’s about time the society took a different stance in asserting to women’s rights Islam and keep off the ongoing misconceptions.


You’re either part of the feminist movement or taking part in the noble cause in one way or another. Women’s rights movement essay writing is a step in the right direction to expose the social injustices facing the women in the community. It’s about time the society did something about it.

Through your women’s rights essay, you could as well be a part of the change the society needs. Be sure to make the best out of it.

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