The Importance of Google

As of February 2016, Google has emerged as the most used search engine in US with a market share of 64%. Google has been putting its search strategies in an optimised way and has had a fair share in the market since its dawn. It has been focusing on its main purpose of hunting for text in publicly accessible documents offered by web servers. Every year there emerge several improvements in Google’s strategies in addition to several updates and new launches. “Research at Google” and “Google trends” is a couple of services from among several which keep on reviving with the new updates at frequent intervals. There are number of reasons to love Google in 2016 as well, let's have a look at them:

1. Mobile Friendly Update

On May 12, 2016, just a year after original ‘mobile friendly update’ another ranking signal boost was rolled out to help better mobile friendly sites. That is indeed great news for mobile friendly sites. ‘Google mobile friendly tool’ helps check if you are mobile friendly where ‘mobile guidelines’ must be followed in order to make your page mobile friendly. People have started switching over to mobile phones completely which makes this update dire need of time. It has also shown Google’s concerns with what its consumers want instead of how to increase their own revenue one way or the other.

2. Dark Traffic Diminishes

10 Reasons to Love Google In 2016

Dark traffic – whose source you do not know – had been a continuous problem. And it had been causing non-stop frustration among users. Google analytics used to add it in the category of direct traffic, which affected the marketers directly. As for marketing of your page you need to know as much about your audience as possible. Google has succeeded in past few months clearing dark-traffic. While having facilitated enough, digital marketing strategists have pulled up their worth with the new advancement in clearing wrong traffic. Google continues knowing its consumers’ needs and carries on providing them with the best.

3. Google Ad-words

Google Adwords

Removing the Ads from the sides and bringing them as the top 4 searches is a valiant step taken by Google. It allows it to best deal with the needs of various consumers. The positive impact of this change comes from the fact that if the consumer wants to buy some product let’s say, then top four Ads might highlight some deals or special offers which surely is better for the buyer. It has also helped remove cluttering Ads to the right of the searches with 2 or 3 Advertisements on the top as well. Planning your keywords with google keyword planner is a lot more rewarding now.

4. Changes to Display Advertising

Google Display Ads

You are able to figure out similar audience on your page or website. Similar audience includes people who keep on visiting your site at intervals. However, this feature allows you will be able to list people who have not yet been to your site. But possess similar interests to those who have visited your site. It’s a great good advancement by Google in 2016 and a technique to add more and more visitors targeting more audience in addition to keeping the audience frequently visiting your page engaged at the same instant.

5. Local SEO becomes more important

Google has placed more importance to local SEO in 2016. There have been significantly notable changes in how search results appear. Upon your search, you will find more relevant results with much local impact. These results seem to be right because Google now classifies information for you keeping your location under consideration in order to provide better services being the best and most frequently used search engine. People love this change and their comments say that Google has succeeded understanding the needs of its users.

6. Diversity

For some time Google has kept its focus on being a diverse search engine and has achieved much of its targets. There is a mix of men, women, white and black serving Google and in 2016 it has made remarkable progress in terms of having diversity. The motto is that diverse minds discuss diverse ideas. Not confining itself or its employees to a region or cast, Google has shown that it has yet to expand horizons to achieve global recognition – which it is doing successfully.

7. Google’s Self-driving Car

Self driving car by Google

Google has entered a joined Ford for a daring journey of making a car which doesn’t need a driver. It focuses on providing a facility of travelling to those who cannot drive. Since human error is the primary factor for accidents usually, this project will not only save time but also save people from serious injuries and losing thousands of lives. In June 2016, Google had conducted test drives on its vehicles in autonomous mode for more than 1.7 million miles. Self-driving car project is a dream which has taken several years turning into reality; however Google is trying to remove any possible adverse outcomes in the said time.

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8. The Project Loon

Google's Project Loon

Google is doing something more than just providing a good search engine where the user can search for anything he wants. In the ongoing flow of innovative ideas, Google has succeeded in the launch of Project ‘Loon’. This project aims at providing internet access to remote areas all around the world. Since the internet has become one of the most important luxuries that are now turning into basic necessities. Helium filled balloons are a great example for this cause, having already travelled around the world 19 times, as stated by the head of the project Cassidy. it's amusing how they travel across the stratosphere.

9. Virtual Reality Becomes Affordable

Cardboard VR Headset by Google

Google is looking onto expanding the concept of virtual reality beyond what it had created with its ultra-cheap Google Headset. Stepping into virtual reality when Google announced ‘Google Cardboard’, people classified its effort as a joke or failure; however, it turned out as an amalgamation of a lot of resources and a useful tool indeed. The so-called failure, made out of a cardboard, has left the complex virtual reality designs far behind concerning popularity and success.

10. Glucose Contact Lenses

Google Glucose Contact Lenses

In 2014, after submitting a patent to US Patent and Trademark Office, Google announced multi-sensor, digital contact lenses which would help diabetic patients know the level of glucose in their body by measuring blood glucose from tears. Human trials with digital contact lenses would start in 2016 as said by Novartis’ CEO. This project can really change the way diabetic patients manage their disease and can bring them closer to the attainment of a sustained level of glucose, thus preventing a sudden rise or fall in its level. We are not really sure about when this prototype is going to launch, but it's extremely fascinating.


Having gone through vast services and unprecedented efforts by Google in a single year, one can understand the efforts behind the world’s best search engine. While we have gone through ten reasons to love Google, there are several more reasons to love Google. Primarily referred to as a search engine, Google has passed all the boundaries set to it by starting projects like Loon, Glucose Contact Lenses and many of their kind. It has proved that it is not just the best search engine but a massive developing and research platform. Looking at the services and efforts done by Google, there is no reason left of not sticking to Google’s products – at the least ‘Google search engine’.

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